Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ella's Preschool Graduation and First day of new Preschool

Ella attended the Alta High School Preschool program last year. She loved it! She learned so much and loved her teachers. We were going to have her go back since it is an awesome preschool, but then we moved farther away so we decided to switch to a preschool closer to our house. That way she could make friends in the neighborhood. She has loved her new class and new teacher. We also do a carpool with a couple of her friends which I love! Here are some pictures of her graduation and then her first day:

So cute! She got to wear a real graduation hat with a tassle that said 2011.

Ella and her teacher Hillary!

First day of school! Posing of course!

Cute Ella bug!

Can't wait to go to school with her friends!

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Aania Gowans said...

CUTE! Ive been catching up! I love the family pics! We just did ours tonight and it was so hard to get Garrett to cooperate! But I think we got a few good ones! So stinking cute of the kids by themselves too! One day I will update my blog!